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Godzilla Consulting Group is here to fulfill your organizations needs. Whether your business is

at the start up phase, in development, raising capital or a more established firm looking to optimize performance, grow market share and maximize profitability; the Godzilla team is here to develop a strategy and execute to win.

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Technology firms leverage innovation as a competitive advantage by making discoveries that may change the world. We specialize in enabling product innovation, automation, machine learning and app development solutions as a way to position your organization ahead of the competition. 


Marketing is all about velocity and the ability to attract and make a connection with ones audience. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our capabilities to provide the most recent data, digital marketing techniques and social media strategies.

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Financial Services

The future of financial services is rapidly evolving and forward thinking organizations can play a pivotal role by rethinking their products, services and business models. At Godzilla, we have the agility to navigate multiple sectors  in an age of convergence. Traditional Financial Services, Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance are part of our core competencies. 


The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a digital transformation as advancements in technology abound, evolving how content is consumed. We specialize in strategies that enable media companies to broaden content, audiences and compete in the global market.

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